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WARNING - Do not attempt or complete the following - this is a humiliation fantasy only: You're gonna cum like your life depends upon it faggot - which it will do. With a plastic bag over your head and zip-tied tightly around your neck you'll be in serious trouble if you can't find a way of cumming quickly. I'm going to be right here reminding you that you don't get to remove that bag until you've cum and the only way you're allowed to cum is from fucking yourself in the ass with a huge dildo. So I guess I should have said Sissygasm like your life depends upon it right faggot? Suction your big dildo to the floor or wall sissy and lube him up just like you would to a real man then get yourself in position with your sissy ass ready to take the cock. Now put a plastic bag over your head and zip-tie it tightly in place. Oh no sissy - you don't have any way to breath properly now - your air supply is running out with every breath. You'd better hurry up and cum faggot because I'm not letting you remove that bag until your sissy-cock is leaking cum. No hands faggot - you're ONLY allowed to cum from being penetrated like a girl. Fuck yourself on your dildo - take that cock in your ass and bring yourself to a humiliating sissygasm before your air runs out! This could be your last attempted orgasm if you don't hurry up sissy. You might not make it - you might actually fail right in front of me as I laugh at what a pathetic faggot you are - humping yourself on a dildo with a plastic bag over your head until you pass out or suffer the complete emasculation of leaking a sissygasm.
Mila Amora
27/05/2018 - 12 minutes
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