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Look where your leg worship obsession has gotten you loser. Helplessly waiting for my superior, strong legs to end your pathetic life. That's what's going to happen - I'm going to take your life away with my beautiful long, muscular legs just like an evil Bond femme fatale and you are going to accept your fate willingly - just for one last contact with them. Before your last breath I'm going to make you worship every inch of my perfect legs. You'll start by carefully removing my pretty shoes and unhooking the clasps to the suspenders, delicately holding my stockings up. Then you will roll each stocking down my long legs to reveal the legs that are going to end your obsession forever.

I'm gonna make you kiss each of my pretty toes and slowly make your way up my foot, my ankles and on to my smooth, toned calves. How does it feel loser? Worshiping each beautiful calf that will hook around the back of your head to allow my strong thighs to rob you of your las breath? I'm going to pull you up by your hair and make you worship my powerful thighs. Can you feel how dangerous they are loser? Worship them - kiss the thighs I'll use to take your life. This is where losers like you belong - cowering on the floor beneath your superior Alpha Goddess - worshiping every inch of my beautiful legs.

As you stare up at me you will be trapped. My powerful thighs will grip your head and you will feel the pressure growing. You will beg me to stop with the realisation that it's all about to end for you - but I'm not going to stop. Your throat will fail you as I cut off the air to your lungs. The desperation in your eyes will be met with nothing but laughter as you struggle beneath me. You can fight all you like loser - your trapped - my legs are far too strong for you. It'll be over soon - and the last thing you'll see is the extasy on my face as your pathetic life slips away.

Added: 22 Mar 2020
Clip Length: 16m 01s