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Red-Room - Gay On Your Final Day
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How does it feel to know your time is up loser? It's not like it's just your last day in the office or your last day of vay-cay or something - it's your last day alive. You're taking your final breaths, loser - your final heartbeats - you're into final hours because for you there's gonna be no tomorrow - that must kinda suck huh? Knowing that you can't escape what I have planned for you. You're trapped - bound with heavy chains and gagged and nobody even knows you're missing. Nobody is going to save you - no help is coming for you - this is your final day whether you like it or not... 'Not' I kinda expect. You're my next victim and I have saved my most evil ending for you - one that will cause you the most incredible distress as your final moments tick by. Wanna know how it's gonna end loser? Want a spoiler? Well I'm gonna tell you anyway - it'll be more frightening that way.

What if all you had to look forward to between now and the moment your lights go out was cock? What if being gay was all you were consumed with from now until your final heartbeat? What if I ended your pathetic existence with cum? That's what I'm gonna do faggot - I'm going to make your final hours a gay nightmare! You're going to be fucked in my red-room by so many men - over and over again for hours - men who want to leave your ass a ruined, slime filled fuck-hole. Men who want to block your throat with their cum and soak your face with their sperm leaving you desperately searching for breath. Uh-huh - my team are going to surround you, hold you down and use you until you can't defend yourself any longer - until they've taken your will to survive and you give up - leaving this world gay!

The video recording will become a dark-web legend, faggot. Your undignified, humiliating end spread across the world for everyone to remember you by - that pathetic loser who got tricked into a red-room by a hot girl and then destroyed by her gang of gay-maker studs. Your final cum-gurgles in close-up as a cock forces one more load into your airway leaving you with no more options - no way out - just another red-room victim. They're gonna have so much fun with your disposable body, faggot - hours and hours of fun as they ignore every sobbing plea for mercy, every panicked cry for help - all ignored because we want this for you, faggot - we want this to be the way you go - we want you to suffer and trust me - you're gonna fucking suffer!

Added: 02-06-2023
Clip Length: 15m 27s
Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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