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Fill The Precum Jar And I'll Unlock You
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Aw I know how much you want out of that device baby - it must be horrible for you knowing other men don't have their cocks all locked up in chastity and are free to fuck girls and jerk off whenever they like. It must make you feel so pathetic and inadequate being unable to satisfy yourself. Totally unable to relieve the frustration. That's just the life a wimp like you deserves though. Real men get the privilege of enjoying their cocks however they want and beta losers like you get locked in chastity and teased. I'm going to give you an opportunity to earn your releases though. I'm going to allow you to pay to get out of chastity - not with cash though loser - that would be way too easy. No your currency is frustration. If you want to get out of chastity, you're going to pay with the tears of precum you cry when you're teased and tormented by beautiful women. Me and my hot girlfriends are going to tease you in our cute little outfits - our hot perfect bodies in short, tight clothes. All dressed up in the sexiest lingerie just to tease the fuck out of you. You're gonna leak your precum from your chastity device into this jar and only when you've filled it to the brim will I let you out. I don't care if it takes you 20 years to drool enough precum into the jar - you won't be getting out of that device until you've filled it. You can suffer our hot, toned bodies rubbing up against you every day, your balls getting bluer and bluer with every tormenting lapdance - and all you can do is leak precum. This is the pathetic predicament you are in loser. Saving up your precum to buy your way out of chastity.
Chloe Love
01/02/2019 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Fill The Precum Jar And I'll Unlock You - ##Chastity