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I'm so excited! By this time tomorrow I'll be sipping cocktails by the pool on a paradise island in the Maldives! I can't wait! And of course, the journey is just as important as the destination, which is why I'm going to be travelling in First Class Style as a Princess like me always should! Unfortunately for you, I spent all the budget on my First-Class ticket so there wasn't any money left to spend on a ticket for you... not even in the cheapest economy seat. Don't worry your little cuckold heart - you still get to come... it's just you're gonna have to fly in baggage class. Look, I could have just left you at home. I could have abandoned you and had an amazing vay-cay all to myself - so baggage class is just a small price to pay to get to come with me right cucky? I mean I kinda need someone to pamper me and fetch my drinks and stuff and carry my bags when I get there anyway. So, there's not really any choice - you're flying in the suitcase all the way... like 10 hours or something. Unfortunately, baggage class might not be as comfortable as it sounds cucky. In fact, I'm going to make sure it's VERY uncomfortable! I can't have you moving about inside there or making any noise - it'll freak the baggage handlers out! So, I'll tie you up nice and tight - so you can't move a fucking muscle! And I'll gag you too - a nice big ball of panties taped in place should be enough. That should keep you quiet and still for the brief 10 hour hop to paradise. And just so you don't feel all alone in there, I'll leave you with a vibrating plug deep in that ass too. Maybe the batteries will run out before it becomes too much to bear! I think we're both gonna really enjoy this trip huh cucky?

Added: 05 Jan 2020
Clip Length: 15m 26s