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You're such a good friend. You're literally the best friend a girl could ever ask for. I know you wanted to hang out today, but instead you've spent the whole day running around after me and some random guy I took home from the club last night. You've been so sweet and helpful today. You've done such a good job doing our laundry and ironing his clothes. You shined up his boots so good that they look brand new! You even made us breakfast and brought it to us in bed. You are such a good friend! Not many guys would be okay with being in the friend zone but you seem right at home there. And you're so good at it! I haven't had to lift a finger since you've been around. You spoil me! I actually think you secretly get off on being stuck in the friend zone! My fuck buddy was so impressed with your devotion that he's going to let you wash his motorbike while he fucks me all over again. Lucky you!

Since I'm such a good friend, I might even leave the window open so you can hear us fucking! It's a bit pathetic that you'll be outside washing my fuck buddy's dirty motorbike, while he's balls deep inside of your crush - getting to do all the things to me you wish you could do. Does it make you a teeny bit hard knowing that you'll be locked outside - banished from the house, only allowed to listen to us fuck through a window? I know how badly you wish it could be you fucking me, but that will never happen! Y'know why my little friend-zoned reject? Because I only fuck alpha men, not beta wimps! You're firmly in the friendzone and there's no escape! Your job is to serve and pander to me and my fuck-buddies so make sure you clean his bike real good. K? We'll be checking your handiwork after we're done fucking again! It needs to be EXTRA clean so maybe use your toothbrush because his bike is extra dirty and you're going to need it to evert nut and bolt squeaky clean! Use your fucking tears to clean it or whatever!

You're so deep in the friendzone that you're actually in the cuckzone now, loser! It's going to be so humiliating for you, knowing that listening to me getting fucked from outside my bedroom window is the closest you're ever going to get to fucking me. You're such an idiot for thinking I would ever let you touch me. A girl like me can have any man we want - why would a girl lower her standards to fucking beta wannabe-cucks like you? Aw I know it hurts to hear the truth you poor cuck-zoned wimp but I'm just telling it like it is! That's what friends are for, right? When we've finally finished fucking, we'll call you back inside the house so you can clean up all the mess we've made. You're going to become our cuckold clean-up simp! I'll make you wash our cum-covered sheets and tidy up after us and then you can go right back to polishing my man's bike! You're gonna have it spotless before he leaves or we'll make you clean the tyres with your fucking tongue cuckold! Are you still glad we're friends?!

Added: 13 May 2022
Clip Length: 15m 21s