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Daisy Dolly

Daisy Dolly

You want to serve a girl that's smarter than you, that will challenge you, and that is intellectually quicker than you don't you? Yes it's important that I'm way too hot to be seen with a reject like you, and that I'm wealthier - both financially and spiritually, but the fact that I've already worked you out before you've had a chance to explain yourself - that's a boner-bonus for you right? I'll have every humiliating detail of your predicament planned out for you - every micro-fetish exploited - nothing will get passed me, loser... My mind is stronger than yours - I will defeat you. And then - once you've been outclassed - I'll loser sign you, and 'Ew' at you and giggle and point at you just like all the other brats - because I know you need that to - don't-cha loser?

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