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Nobodies Like You Suck Cock
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It gives me the ick y'know... when a nobody like you tries to get noticed by me. The unread DMs you send me that I instantly delete - it's so pathetic - and even after all the failed attempts to get my attention while I pretend like you don't even exist - you still dreamed that one day you'd get a chance to date me. Complimenting me at evert opportunity - Telling me how perfect my personality is. How stunning I look. Asking if I'd like to meet you... and on and on and boringly on. Message after beggy message - I'd just read roll my eyes and not even bother replying to you. But like a total fucking creepy simp, you didn't give up... So you probs couldn't even believe your luck when a DM finally dropped back into your inbox from me - inviting you to my party. Lucky you, huh? All my hottest girlfriends are gonna be there with a whole bunch of hot guys too. Well done loser - did you finally become one of the populars?

No loser - you're not one of the populars... not yet anyway. You have to prove yourself before we let you be one of us. So you're not coming to my party as one of us - you're the 'entertainment'. You need to understand the type of men hot girls like me go for - the kinda men that always get our full attention - whose messages we don't ignore - whose DMs we get excited to read - who get flirty replies with hot pictures and sexy videos - the kinda guy who gets to date me and fuck me. They're the total opposite of you, loser - they're tall, muscular, handsome and RICH!.. You'll never be like them - so you have to prove yourself another way... So we're gonna put you down on your knees and make you suck the popular boy's big thick cocks right in front of all the popular girls. Hahah. Just think how funny and entertaining it's gonna be for us - watching you struggling to swallow each real man cock that's pushed inside your mouth. It is going to be fucking hilarious!

The popular girls are gonna watch you getting treated just like you deserve - face-fucked and humiliated while we all laugh and cheer the popular boys on. Don't even think about refusing or trying to back out of it - The popular girls simply do not accept disobedience from creepy little inferiors like you... and with our real-men boyfriends wrapped around our fingers like cherry bubblegum, they'd happily beat some respect in to you - just because we say so. You'll suck their cocks for our amusement or you'll take a beating instead, loser. You'll do as you're told and suck every cock we put in your face! And then for the grand finale, we'll hold your head in position, your mouth forced wide open as real-man-load after ream-man-load is blown all over your face. You're gonna feel so humiliated and GAY! You gonna be drenched in the slime of real men just to remind you of your pathetic, inadequate beta bitch status. Congrats on making the popular gang, cumdump!

Added: 17-11-2023
Clip Length: 14m 30s
Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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