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My Cock Is Bigger Than Yours
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...which is why I do all the fucking around here. My big fake silicone strap-on monster cock is at least 5 times the size of your runt-dick - and until that changes - I'll be the one doing all the fucking - you're gonna be my pegged bend-over-boyfriend, pounded like a bitch until you're begging me to stop! My cock is way bigger than yours. Look at it - it's WAY bigger It's bigger and better than your wimp-dick and I'm not gonna let you forget it anytime soon. The one with the biggest cock does the fucking around here, and that means that you're going to be nothing more than my obedient, bent-over, ass-fucked boyfriend until I'm done with you. I know that my harnessed-up cock is SO much better equipped for fucking than yours. And you know it too don't you, faggot. You know you can't compete with my big fake cock - you know yours is inferior - so that means you'll bend over, spread your ass for me, and get ready to be fucked every single which way that I want it until I'm satisfied.

Your holes all belong to me and my strap-on cock now, faggot, You mouth belongs to me and that cock, your ass belongs to me and that cock - we own your holes and we're gonna prove that to you bitch. I'm gonna fuck you whenever we feel like it. I want you to be available to me at all times, no matter what. You're just a collection of holes for me to fuck as I see fit, and that means that you're ready to serve me, no matter what, at any given instant. I'm going to bring this with me everywhere - and if I feel the need, or if I just decide I wanna be a total fucking bitch to you - I'll pull it out, strap it on and bend you the fuck over. In the club, at the gym - visiting your fucking parents - wherever I say so - I want you submitting your holes to this cock. We're in charge of you, faggot - me and my big fake silicone cock own you - and we're never letting you forget it.

Oh, and guess what else, faggot... All of my girlfriends have bigger cocks than you, too. So it's only fair that you give up your holes to them, just the same way you would with me. I want you on the floor, on all fours, begging and pleading for them to rail you. I want my hot snarky girlfriends to make sure you know how little they think of you. They'll make sure you understand that you belong submissive to our strap-ons. Forget about your own failure-dick because from this point forward, the only thing that you will care about is serving girls with bigger cocks than you. What are you waiting for? Get on your knees, gay-boi. Get down and show me how much you appreciate my superior dick. Prove to me that you accept your status, wimp! Submit to my cock and accept it!

Added: 23-09-2022
Clip Length: 15m 38s
Pegging Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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