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Fucking Some Reality Into You Simp
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Do you know how insulting it is to hot girls like me, when simps like you approach us in the bars and clubs. Hoping we might be that special kinda girl that just isn't into Alpha-types. Yeah right, because hot popular girls like me don't want gym-toned guys with muscles and big dicks. You don't stand a fucking chance against the kinda guy I wanna fuck, loser. I mean look at you. You're not a real man - you're not even close, you're a wimp and let's not ignore that undersized boner tenting-up in your pants... well actually I am gonna ignore it!.. just like every other girl does loser! You need to understand there are consequences to drooling over girls like me, reject. You need some reality drilled into you - you need to be taught never to approach the hot popular girls ever again! I'm gonna teach you that lesson!

I'm gonna teach you your place in the pecking order, wimp. I'm gonna teach you to stay the fuck away from girls forever! You deserve to be punished for approaching me - you need to be punished for even looking at hot girls like me! You need some reality FUCKED into you with a nice big silicone cock! And I have the perfect cock for brat-worshipping weaklings like you. It's huge and just like the kinda cocks the real men I fuck look like. I'm going to fuck you with it until you promise to NEVER talk to a hot girl ever again. You can stare at us, dream about us, drool over us and wish you could date us as much as you like - but you'll never ever talk to a hot girl ever, ever, EVER again. You got that loser?... you will by the time I'm done with you!

You are going to get the reality check you deserve for talking to hot girls like me. For talking to girls who are far too hot to spare any attention for a loser like you. I'm gonna make you apologise to me as I fuck you with my big strap-on cock. You're gonna say sorry over and over again as I fuck you with this cock - you're going to promise me you'll never talk to girls like me ever again. You got that loser - NEVER again. Avoid the hot girls in the office - and the cute girl that serves you coffee - yeah you're gonna have to go somewhere else for your coffee now. All hot girls are to be avoided loser - because you don't deserve to talk to us! Any girl of grade 8-10 hotness are totally off limits to you and that means I'm gonna fuck 8-10 inches of thick silicone cock into you to make sure you understand, faggot! So let me hear you beg for my cock, faggot. I want you begging and pleading and crying and apologising as you take my punishment cock in your ass for me. You're gonna be so sorry you ever talked to me loser!

Added: 11-12-2022
Clip Length: 14m 20s
Pegging Humiliation Bi Humiliation

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