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You do this all the time - it's SO unfair to change your mind now. You say something and then change your mind and it's not fair - you promised me you'd suck cock - you promised you'd do this for me and now you're just trying to back out of it. You're gay - totally fucking gay - so what's the problem? You want to suck cocks - you told me so. You told me you wanted me to find a big hard cock for you, you said you wanted me to find a guy to put his big, thick cock in your mouth. Why can't you admit it - you're so GAY! You said so - you said you wanted a muscular gym-guy to use your throat as a cumdump - you said you'd let a guy cum right down your throat - don't you remember telling me all this, faggot, because I do? You always do this - you promised me and I was looking forward to seeing you submit to cock - you're not gonna ruin this for me, faggot!

We talked about this - I asked you to admit if you had any bi-fantasies and you confessed you'd thought about sucking cock once. I get that it was pretty embarrassing for you to tell me and I'm sorry for laughing and calling you out for being gay and making you blush and squirm but you can't take it back now - just because it makes you feel awkward and ashamed... You admitted everything to me - that you're gay for cock. Why would I want to gaslight you about it faggot? You told me you want to submit to some fuck-thug's big hard cock - to be used and fucked and humiliated by dicks. You want to be gang-fucked by room of gay men. You want to be held down and taken by cock after cock. You want your mouth and ass filled with cock and then your face drenched with cum. You said so - remember faggot? I'm not lying about it- you're gay and you're just trying to deny it!

Added: 18-09-2023
Clip Length: 15m 00s
Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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