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Layla Rose

Layla Rose

You're just another weak sucker to girls like me but who could blame you right? My perfect looks make dreamer-dreamer panty-creamers like you drool and goon and beg to be rinsed. You'll buy my clips, you'll edge to my bratty attitude and my too-hot-for-you body and you'll do anything I say - I'm right - I know it.

Stare at my perfectly enhanced body, loser. Look at my big tits, my tight little waist and my amazing ass. How couls a loser like you ever get the attention of someone like me? So simple - you have to pay me.

You have to pay and pay to avoid being rejected with a flick of my beautiful long dark hair. You have to pay and pay and hope that it's enough to earn the bare mininmum of my attention. And you do know what the bare minimum means don't you? It means HUMILIATION idiot!

Whatever you pay won't be enough to actually date me or whatever else you might hope for - all it'll earn you is my snarky princess sneers and a perfect 'L' from my pretty finger and thumb. It'll earn you my insults and embarrassing addignments to entertain me and my girlfriends. It might not be EXACTLY what you want from your dream-girl crush.. but y'know it's the best you'll ever get... and it's gotta be better than being totally fucking ignored right?

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