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Jerk Off While I Tell You What He Did To Me
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I just don't see what the big deal is. What did you expect me to do? It was raining and I wasn't gonna walk home dressed the way I was... That cute date-night outfit would have been soaked through to the hot lingerie set I was wearing. So yeah - I stayed over and I honestly don't see why you're so surprised. If I'm really being honest, I thought you would've seen this coming, he's always wanted to fuck me. Boo-fucking-hoo cuckold, does the idea of someone else, a REAL MAN, fucking your little princess make you jealous? You're such a little pussy. Rejects like you are literally only good for one thing - getting cheated on! Y'know how hot it is to see you so upset about it cuckold? I LOVE teasing you about the other men I fuck... I enjoy telling you every detail about what they did to your cheating girlfriend so much. Why don't you get your inferior runt-dick out right now. I'm gonna make you jerk off as I torment you with all the things my real man did to me!

Just imagine how he and I sat in that dark bar together, cuckold. How he made me so wet by just looking at me. How he slid his hand up the inside of my thigh under my cute skirt and felt my warm, wet pussy under the panties you bought for me for Valentine's day. I found it so hard not to fucking moan out load right there, I tried to stay calm when all I wanted to do was get on my knees and take every inch of his Alpha cock in my mouth. It's making me so fucking hot again just thinking about it. And OMG Look at you - you're actually hard listening to this - listening to how I flirted with him in the bar, how your cheating girlfriend couldn't wait to get her mouth around another man's cock. You're hard and jerking off right in front of me like a pathetic cuckold wimp. I get to cheat on you, real men get to fuck me and all you get is to jerk off to every humiliating detail under my supervision!

So he took me back to his place where we made out a little and then he helped me unzip my dress and I knelt on the floor in the pretty lingerie you paid so much for and I pulled his big girlfriend-stealing cock from his pants. Aw does that hurt cuckold? You don't like thinking of me on the floor and drooling for his big hard cock. The thought of your dream-girl on the floor and drooling for another man's big hard cock hurts you so much doesn't it cuckold?.. knowing I'd never ever do that for you - all you get is to jerk of to the details of what other men do to me! I'm gonna make you cum to this, loser. I'm gonna make you cum and you're gonna thank me for it. He bent me over a table, cuckold. He had his hands all over me - my long smooth legs, my pussy, my cute little ass, my perfect tits - all for him. You need to hear this cuckold, how he pulled my hair to arch my back, and then pushed his big hard cock into me. OMG! The pussy that you wished was yours. That's just too bad for you - you're never gonna get to fuck me now - that's not what cuckold's deserve - all you get is a cuckmiliated org-spasm as I rub your nose in every detail of what real men get to do. Have you heard enough? Are you ready to leak your pity-puddle for me cuckold?.. or do I have to humiliate you even more?...

Added: 30-05-2021
Clip Length: 13m 23s
Cuckolding Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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