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Soak Her Panties While She's Cheating
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Sorry to break this to you hun, but she's not at the gym, she's not working late, she's not out with the girls - she's cheating on you. She's fucking other guys, enjoying herself like she damn well deserves to, being the selfish little bitch she wants to be. She's cuckolding you - being unfaithful, cheating on you or whatever you wanna call it - but she's making you look like a total fucking fool because everyone knew except you. Everyone knew she was a little slut - everyone knew she fucks anyone except you. Everyone knew you were her pathetic, denied and rejected simp of a cuckold... So now you know that's what you are - a cuckold - what are you gonna do about it huh? Are you gonna tell her to stop? Are you gonna leave her? Are you gonna stand up to her?... No cuckold - you're not man enough to do any of that are you - you're gonna let her fuck other guys and pretend like you didn't even know about it. Ha! So pathetic!

You know what you should do about it cuckold - you know what would REALLY show her how angry you are that she's fucking real men behind your back? You know what would really teach that cheating little Princess of yours a lesson?... You should cum in her panties! Yeah - that's the perfect revenge - the only kind of revenge a pathetic cuckold like you could inflict while she's busy getting fucked. You should probably jerk off into her favourite panties right now while I tease you about being a cuckold. That'll show her who's boss, right? When she comes back after her hot date with whoever - she'll find her favourite panties lying on the floor - soaked in your cucky-cummies. She'll never wanna cheat on you ever again after that little protest huh?

You're gonna pump your slime into her prettiest, girliest panties while she's out fucking one of her many boyfriends and I'm gonna totally make fun of you for it. Stroke into her frills while I tease you about what another man is doing to your little Princess right this moment - how his hands are all over her - feeling her tits, squeezing her ass, pulling her hair, pushing her into the bed, lifting her hips and pushing his cock deep into her cheating little pussy. Uh-huh - while your stroking your rejection-boner into her soft panties, another man his having another fucking level of fun with her. Making her suck his cock before fucking her like you never could - even if she let you. Jerk into her lingerie while you think about that, cuckold - jerk into her panties while I tell you where he's gonna cum - ropes all over her face?.. a puddle over her ass?.. or a big thick load to fill her pussy?... and where is yours gonna go... into her panties... Haha... Do it now you panty-creaming beta-cuck!

Added: 17-10-2022
Clip Length: 13m 39s
Cuckolding Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction

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