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I know It hurts But I Have To Cuck You
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I love you - kinda... But I don't love your tiny dick! What girl would? It's so small - I just can't! I can't bring myself to fuck it - it's kinda insulting don't you think? You present that little thing to me expecting... expecting what huh? It's not going to do anything for me - it's never going to satisfy a girl ever! So I know it hurts - but I have to cuck you. It's the only way we can stay together. A girl like me needs a real man in the bedroom and I'm sorry to be the girl that breaks it to you - but that's never gonna be you. The only role you'll have in a girl's bedroom is as a cuckold. Prepping the bed, stocking the bedside drawer, laying out my lingerie, fluffing my real man and cleaning up his cummy mess. Guys with small dicks don't get to fuck girls like me - but because I (kinda) love you... I'll keep you around as my cuckold.

You can pretend to everyone else that everything is normal. You can pretend that the hot girl you're with is completely devoted to you - only we need to know the truth... that I cheat on you because your cock is too small for me. Nobody needs to know, cuckold - nobody except for the real men I chose to fuck instead of you of course. And because you're just a cuckold now - you don't get to decide who that is gonna be. You get no say in that at all. So maybe I'll chose to fuck people you know - like your friends or your boss. Maybe I'll chose guys you hate - like the real men at the gym, the guys who used to bully you, or my ex-boyfriends. You don't get to decide, cuckold, I do! And seeing as you think it's okay to insult me with a small cock - I might think it's okay to insult you with the kind of guys I fuck just to teach you a lesson!

I know it's going to hurt hearing that your pretty, young girlfriend plans to cheat on you because your cock is so small but it's going to hurt so much more when you're being made to serve me and your real man rivals. It's going to hurt so much more hearing me making fun of your tiny, useless cock as a bull fucks me right in front of you with his big thick, satisfying cock. It's gonna hurt you so bad hearing us laugh at your rejected little cock right before he makes me cum. It's gonna hurt to hear me order you to clean up the icky mess he's left for you. It'll hurt you so much but just remember cuckold - you brought this upon yourself for having a small cock. Being cuckolded is just a cruel pay-back for not being able to satisfy me like a real boyfriend should. I'm hot and pretty and I love getting fucked by big cocks so step aside and let the real men do the job you're too inadequate to do yourself, cuckold.

Added: 27-09-2021
Clip Length: 12m 54s
Cuckolding Humiliation Small Penis Humiliation

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