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If You Didn't Wanna Be A Cuckold
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...You wouldn't have such a small cock! Fuck, it must be so embarrassing, waking up every morning and seeing that inferior cock, knowing it's incapable of satisfying a single girl! Knowing it's why your little princess has to go out and get fucked by other men, right? Hot girls like me NEED big, thick cock to satisfy us. An under-cocked weakling like you will never keep a girl like me to himself. Betas like you HAVE to be cucks to get anywhere near a girl like us. It's not your fault you were born with a tiny dick, I guess. But you can't expect me to be faithful - surely? I need a strong cock from an Alpha male - and sorry but that's just not you. So if you didn't want to be a fucking cuck you shouldn't have gotten with me - you shouldn't have gotten with ANY girl! But hey, just cos you can't make me moan in bed doesn't mean you're totally useless. You can still do stuff FOR me, just not TO me. It's all you deserve my little cuck!

Hot girls like me with dream-girl bodies, perfect tits and hot little asses want to fuck real men. We want strong, confident Alphas with big dicks who can fuck us for hours. We don't want cucky betas with under-formed dicks like yours! I want a man who can lift me up and fuck me whenever and wherever I like. The truth is - with you - I wouldn't feel a fucking thing if you tried fucking me. That's why I cheat on your every night. That's why I go out to bars and clubs looking for real men to fuck me before coming home to you - filled with their cum. And girls as hot as I am can go out and fuck any hot guy I see every night of the week. I can find real men to cheat on you with EVERY night - and I can come back home to you, so full of manly cum, EVERY night!

Keeping you as my cuck is just perfect for both of us. Whenever I wanna look good for real men, I want YOU to buy me the cutest dresses. When my panties are full of real man cum, I want YOU to buy me more!.. You won't be throwing the old ones out either cucky - they're for you! And if I ever want to bring a real man home to fuck me in our bed, I expect you to prepare the bedroom. Change the sheets. Make sure we have everything we need to fuck ALL NIGHT. And of course - we'll make you watch, so you can see how a real man fucks. How he can go for hours, satisfying all of your girlfriend's desires. I'll make you stand right next to him to compare his giant dick to your tiny cock so you can see exactly why you're a cuckold! You can clean his cock up too, cuckold. Clean the mess he made in your little princess. And don't you fucking complain - you wanted to be a cuckold remember - otherwise you wouldn't have had such a small cock, right?

Added: 20-12-2021
Clip Length: 13m 05s
Cuckolding Small Penis Humiliation Humiliation

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