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He Cums Harder Knowing You Never Will
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You know what really makes my real man cum? It's knowing that you never will. He loves that I keep you locked away in chastity - forever denying you the pleasure he can take for granted. As soon as I told him about my pathetic beta-wussy boyfriend who can't satisfy me I knew he would be the man to take your place in our bedroom. I told him that I wanted to cuckold you - I wanted to fuck HIM instead of you. I wanted you to feel the humiliation of another man fucking your little princess - to watch him fuck me right on your own bed. He gets such a kick out of seeing you totally emasculated - knowing he can just do whatever the fuck he wants to do to your girlfriend and there's nothing you can do about it. When I told him about the chastity device I bought for you he wanted your pathetic cock inside right away. Now you're locked up for good cuckold - all locked away in chastity while another man has all the fun. You get to serve us drinks and clean up the mess he leaves behind in your little chastity device like a good little cuckold. You never get to cum, you never get to fuck me - you don't even get to touch yourself - all because me and my real man say so. You can get horny and frustrated, you can cry and beg and you can hope that one day we'll take pity on you and unlock you but you're in there forever cuckold. My man enjoys your suffering so much it makes him cum harder than ever. Knowing that while he's filling your girlfriend full of cum you can't even get a beta-boner. It turns him on to know that not only has he taken your girlfriend away from you but access to your own cock too!
Princess Aurora
01/04/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - He Cums Harder Knowing You Never Will - #Chastity