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The whole club was watching us. Girls wanted to be me, and men wanted to be him. No one would trade places with you. Did you see him lifting my dress up a little? You could see the curves of my beautiful ass and the pretty panties I was wearing... for not much longer. All the time I was grinding harder against my new man. The hot girls int the club were literally laughing at you. The whole club! Your friends, my friends, other girls and other men. I laughed in your shame-red face as I took the drinks, slipped mine and handed yours to my new man. I left you with nothing - no drink, no girl, no pride.

I knew I would be going back to his place that night and I knew you'd be going home all alone. You couldn't have pulled someone else even if you'd tried - not after everyone had seen your girlfriend humiliate you like that. You went home alone, and I left the club to fuck my new alpha - to suck his big black dick, stroke his balls and swallow his cum. I'm full of his real-man cum right now and I want you to get on your knees because you're gonna clean me. You're gonna eat his alpha cum. I'm gonna make you taste the betrayal I committed.

Added: 20 Jan 2020
Clip Length: 12m 54s