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Lick Up Your Cum - With Cock In Your Bum
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I guess when you're locked up in chastity you have to grab every opportunity to cum you get right? So, when you're offered the chance to humiliate yourself as payment for a little pleasure, you're gonna take it aren't you. Of course, you understand that sissies can't ever earn themselves a real cum but with a little lube and a big fat dildo - you can give yourself a pathetic sissygasm. Fill your ass full of silicone cock faggot - you're going to fuck yourself until you leak your cummies from the end of your cage. Then - with that big cock still buried deep inside of you, you're going to push your face into your loser-puddle and lick up all your cum. That's the humiliating price of your sissygasm today bitch - eating your own slime while the cock that fucked it out of you is still deep in your sissy-hole. I want you to listen to me humiliating you, calling you a faggot, a sissy, a cumwhore as you fuck your own ass with cock. Your locked-up cock bouncing between your legs as you try to milk yourself. No way of touching yourself, no way of getting hard, no hope of cumming like a real man - the most you can achieve is weak dribble of sissygasmed cum drooling from the end of your cage onto the floor. Listen to me ordering you to slurp it up - telling you to keep that cock deep in your ass. You're going to feel so humiliated - so ashamed of yourself for having to do this in order to earn your tiny bit of relief. Did you ever think that you'd have to humiliate yourself like this for a hot girl in order to pay for a pathetic excuse of an orgasm? Lick it all up faggot - and keep that cock inside you until every drop is gone!
Jessie Boulevard
18/03/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Lick Up Your Cum - With Cock In Your Bum - #CumEatingHumiliation