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It's time for your walkies my four-legged bitch! Let's snap the leash on to your cute pink collar and drag you around for everyone to see. You're gonna be treated like the mutt you are - and I want the whole world to see it. You're going to be made to follow my perfect ass on the end of this leash wherever I decide to take you and it is gonna be totally fucking EMBARRASSING for you. I'm going to walk to the shops and tie you to a lamppost while I buy my groceries and I'm gonna take my time about it too! I'll leave you right outside to suffer all the cruel insults, all the mocking giggles and all the sneers of total disrespect while I waste my time deciding on what I'll have for lunch!

Guess what I won't be spending any time thinking about my little humiliation-pooch? Your lunch! That's because all you'll ever get to eat from now on is the cheapest pet-food I can find! You'll be fed 2 disgusting bowls of gross doggy food every day and it will taste SO fucking bad loser! I'm gonna LOVE watching you struggle through every revolting mouthful the first time I feed you. You're going to HATE it so much but it's all you're gonna get so you're gonna be a good bitch and eat it all up - every fucking bit of it! It'll never get any better either loser - every time you get used to the foul slop I heap into your bowl - I'll change it to a new even more disgusting recipe! Maybe if you're lucky I'll top your putrid meal off with a nice big glob of my Princess spit to help it go down.

It won't just be humiliating walkies and icky pet-food you'll be suffering as my bitch - your whole life is gonna doggy-style! As soon as I've found a suitable vet to neuter you, I'll take you to be castrated - we don't want you humping the furniture now do we loser? With those nasty balls gone you'll make the perfect bitch for me to show off to all my girlfriends in my very own doggy-show! Of course, all the girls will laugh at you and call you humiliating names, but you will learn to accept this humiliation and your new status. You'll perform all the silly tricks I teach you like sitting and begging and wiggling your cute butt-plug tail for the amusement of all my snarky girlfriends. It'll be so much fun. I think you might even get to enjoy your new life as my four-legged bitch!

Added: 27 Jul 2020
Clip Length: 16m 32s