Madam Samantha

Glam Goddess of your dreams - I'm superior to you in every way. I've always known the power I have over men. I used to bully the boys at college to get whatever I wanted. I used my beauty to maximum effect. Teasing cash from drooling losers and making submissive wimps run errands for me. I've always loved dominating and controlling men so becoming Madam Samantha was an obvious lifestyle choice. I'm a professional humiliatrix and I've made myself a fortune from emasculating and ridiculing losers like you. You pay, you entertain and you suffer for me and all you get in return is my snarky insults and, if you're lucky, my pretty giggle. You live to serve me and I enjoy taking your money and making fun of you - you're so lucky to have found your dream-girl glam Goddess loser!

Madam Samantha's Content