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This is where you get to demonstrate to me just what a fucking loser you really are. You get to jerk off to my clip - where I'm literally just ridiculing you and humiliating you until you blow your loser load into your own mouth. You're gonna push a nice big plug right into your ass because guess what - that's what losers do. Humili-porn addicted losers don't cum to hot girls with perfect bodies and big tits unless they are experiencing some form of debasement at the same time. You're going to jerk off to my insults with a big rubber plug filling your ass. You need to be mocked and verbally berated just to get hard now don't you loser. You're not normal - you can't look at a dream girl like me and imagine fucking me like a normal guy would. I guess it's just not a realistic fantasy for you. You know deep down girls like me barely even notice you exist let alone fuck something like you. If you're lucky we ignore you, if you're unlucky you'll notice us laughing at you or making fun of you. You've accepted that the only way you can get any attention from hot popular girls like me is by entertaining us with acts of humiliation - which is why you're lying on your back with your legs over your head and a big rubber plug deep in your ass. Fucking loser! Jerk yourself off while I tell you what a pathetic humiliation junkie you are. Feel your ass stretched around your plug and hear me laughing at what a beta-reject you are! This is actually how you get to cum loser, ridiculed and belittled until you cum in your own mouth for me! So pathetic right? Aim that cock at your face loser and get ready to swallow your slime for me!
Mila Amora
14/10/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Plug In Your Bum For A Face Full Of Cum - #CumEatingInstruction