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Poisoned By A Princess CEI
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Dizzy? Confused? I'll help you out loser - I've poisoned you. I put a little drop of 'something' in your drink while you were busy thinking about how awesome it's going to be to fuck me. Now you have a slow and painful end waiting for you once the poison takes effect. Antidote? Yes, I guess your life could be saved by taking an antidote - if you knew what poison I've used and if you could make it to the hospital on time. But you're all locked up in my observation cage and I don't to let you out. Aw boo-fucking-hoo you blubbering faggot. Maybe you should've been a little more careful who you accept drinks from. I can help you though loser. You see, I do have the antidote and I can save your life. The dilemma for you is that I diluted the antidote in one of the used condoms from my Alpha boyfriends - euwgh! So, if you want to be sure to take the antidote - you're gonna have to gulp down every last cumload. It's the only way faggot. I'm going to make you beg me for each slimy cumload. "Please miss, feed me another condom full of cum," should do it haha! I'm going to film you begging me to drink all my boyfriend's cum. It's the only way you can avoid a slow, painful end loser. You're going to have to drink their cum like your life depends on it. I'm going to pour each one down your throat and laugh at you as you desperately guzzle down their cumloads. Accept this degrading humiliation or suffer an agonising execution from being poisoned. Thank me after every disgusting mouthful and then beg me for another until you've swallowed all of my boyfriend's cum.
Stacey Carla
29/07/2018 - 11 minutes
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