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Did you seriously think that I was gonna date you? OMG you can't be?... Oh you're actually are serious! You really thought that a girl like me would want to date you - like, fuck you and everything? I can't actually believe it - it's so funny. I friend-zoned you dork - remember? I made it totally clear that the only relationship I want from you is the win-win.. that's win-win for me of course - not you. A girl like me shouldn't ever have to lift a finger, so you take care of all my chores, run errands, give me money and treats n'stuff and I allow you to drool over me like the pathetic little boner-boi you are. And if anyone should be upset about this arrangement it should be me - like, don't think I hadn't noticed you've been going through my panty hamper and sniffing my cute panties when you're cleaning my room, or that you got such a cute little boner when I was lying out by the pool I my bikini. You know I have a boyfriend, right? A real man - and guys like him deserve to date popular princesses like me. I told my boyfriend all about our little friend-zone deal. I told him how you do everything I say and how I bully you and treat you like a fucking slave. I even told him how I wear super-teasy outfits around you all the time while you're doing stuff for me, but that just made him all mad and jealous! So now we're gonna have to fix that, aren't we dork!..

The only way my boyfriend will be cool about you having any of my attention - is if we convince him you're just my little simping sissy. My feminized gay best friend. I told him you don't even like girls - that you want to dress up all pretty and suck cocks. I don't think he believed me at all, sissy... so he told me he has a gay friend who will totally put you to the test. Uh-huh, sissy - you're going on a date with a man, and he is SOOOO looking forward to it! If you do this one itty-bitty thing for me then maybe my boyfriend won't be so upset with me... and he won't beat you the fuck up when he catches you staring at my tits. So that's settled - you're gonna be a pretty sissy-girl for your date and I'm gonna make you the most precious little slut that he's ever seen! I'm gonna shave your body to make you soft and smooth all over. We'll pick out some pretty lingerie, pad out a bra for you and squish your waist into a tight little corset. I'll fix your makeup and top you off with a long blonde wig. And then we'll zip you into a date-night dress. You've never worn a pretty little dress before, have you sissy? You're gonna do that for me. The prettiest dress and some extra-tall heels - I'm gonna turn you into a little princess - just for him.

Look at you - so girly! Maybe you'll know how it feels to be objectified, drooled and wanked over now? You deserve to know how it feels to be someone's little bitch. You deserve to know what it's like to be stared at like everyone wants to bend you over and cum all over you! And that's exactly what's in store for you tonight sissy because you're gonna have to be extra convincing on your date or else my boyfriend is gonna find out! You're gonna have to flirt with him and let him know you're totally available for him to do whatever he likes with you. He'll probably take you into a bathroom stall, put you down on your knees and make you suck his cock in your pretty date-night dress. You're gonna be gagging on his cock and giving him the best BJ of his life - just so my boyfriend doesn't beat you up! You'd better not fuck it up sissy... and while you're on the floor with a big gay cock in your mouth - you'd better remember you'll never be anything more than my friend-zoned sissy… it's just lucky that you fucking love it so much.

Added: 27 Aug 2021
Clip Length: 12m 31s