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Ew - You fucking loser! It's so gross. I insult you, and it gets even stiffer! Like what kinda wimp would actually enjoy being spoken to like dirt by a pretty girl, huh? So Pathetic! Every time I say something mean to you, you can't help but pop a boner. You probably jerk off to girls like me calling you mean names don't you? Like Seriously loser, I've never come across anyone so pathetic that they actually get off to being spoken to like this before. You must be fucking broken or something. You're such a beta - an inferior little nobody, that's your problem, to get your little dick all hard and drooly over al the bitchy things that I say to you. Is it just my insults or do you enjoy it when I push my middle finger out at you too? A snarky look of utter contempt? A curled lip of disgust? My wrinkled up nose and a pretty 'Ew!'. Do they make you hard too?.. yeah they totally do!

I guess you like it because it's all you get from girls like me, right? How many times have girls rejected you? I bet it's been so many you gave up even trying to get our attention. That look of disgust in our eyes when you try to talk to us has gotten too much to bear hasn't it, loser? You've decided that the best thing you could do was to leave us all alone. Girls like me never even think about going near someone like you, and fortunately for all of us, you finally accepted it. So that's why you have to get your boners to popular girls insulting the fuck outta you! That's your sexlife, reject - fully clothed brats talking down to you and making you feel even more of a loser! That's all the attention you'll get from us. Haha! I can't believe we made you become so pathetic... So desperate that you have to listen to a pretty girl calling you an ugly pig, a piece of dirt on our shoe, a loser - a total fucking fucktard - all the meanest names we can think of and you actually love every second of it.

And, if I wanted you to, you'd take so much more from me, wouldn't you? You'd take it as me and my girlfriends spit on you and flick our cigarette ash into your mouth and you'd love every moment of it. And you'd let me do worse, too... Like slap you in your ugly, piggie face, kick you with my cute heels, and sink my pretty nails into your flesh, and you'd still pop a boner because you know it's the closest you could ever come to getting a girl like me to touch you. Maybe we will bully you like that sometime, wimp - but for now just the sound of me telling you what a disgusting, icky, reject you are is all you're getting from me. And you totally deserve to hear how vile you are - it's what all girls think of you, I'm just one of the extra-spiteful ones who actually loves to spell it out to you and I'm never ever gonna get bored of calling you names and bullying beta-boners out of you, loser!

Added: 05 Feb 2023
Clip Length: 13m 20s