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Wanna know all the things I've done since I dumped you? Wanna know if I still have the key to your chastity device? Wanna know if I've kept my spiteful mouth quiet about all the kinky things I made you do when we were together? Well if you want to find out, loser ex-boyfriend, then you're gonna have to listen to everything I have to say... But you're not gonna like what you hear - You might have thought I was a total fucking bitch to you when we were dating - but I've been even more of a bitch since I dumped you. The good news is I still have the key to the little device I keep your dick trapped away inside. The bad news is you won't be getting it back any time soon. Just because I've dumped you for a new real man boyfriend it doesn't mean I'm gonna let you date other girls. Na-ah loser - you're gonna stay right where you are - caged away in chastity.

You won't be dating any girls at all loser. Not with your cock in that device - especially since I've told everyone WHY you're all caged away for me. I told my girlfriends, the girls you work with, the girls at the gym, your hot bratty neighbours - everyone knows you're squished inside a pink chastity cage. I told them I locked you up before I dumped you just to punish you for having such a pathetic little beta-dick! I showed them the photos I took of you in the device - the panties I made you wear, the strap-on I made you bend over and take. They'll NEVER see you as a man ever again. All you'll ever be good for from now on is servitude! You're gonna be pussy-free for life and rejected by every girl you ever get a drooly crush over and the best thing is - your bitchy ex-girlfriend did it to you! Just because!

So I guess you're just gonna have to get used to being locked away in chastity. You're gonna have to get used to being bullied and humiliated by the girls who know where your beta-dick is hiding. You're gonna have to get used to girls teasing you - just to make that cage extra-tight. You're even gonna have to get used to being bossed around by me and my new man too - because we're gonna keep you busy making sure we have an awesome life while you suffer for us. That's right my pathetic ex-boyfriend - you're gonna be a good little chastity slave for me and my new boyfriend because if you're not - I'll lose your key forever. You're gonna be our maid, our chauffeur, our errand boy and our subby victim to bully and abuse just for fun. You can polish my real man's shoes as he fucks the girlfriend you used to have. You can pick up his used condoms with your teeth and take them to your cage in the spare room... or you can spend the rest of your life locked in chastity.

Added: 01 Jan 2021
Clip Length: 12m 02s