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I'll let you pick your outfit for tonight's humiliation sissy - you can choose either the naughty schoolgirl uniform or the frilly French maid's outfit. Which would you prefer? Either would be pretty humiliating to be seen in don't you think sissy? I mean even once I've shaved you, covered your face in makeup and dropped a pretty blonde wig on your head you're still going to look like a sissy - not a REAL girl. Only a sissy would be wearing what you will be - with skyscraper heels LOCKED onto your feet and your bra stuffed full of padding. Only a sissy would find herself all dressed up like this, cuffed to a lamppost and abandoned. You've been allowed to pick the outfit for tonight's public humiliation predicament and now you get to choose the location too. You also get to pick which lamppost your helpless dressed-up sissyself is going to spend the night cuffed to. How about the lamppost right outside your ex-girlfriend's apartment - she shares it with all her bratty flatmates and her new boyfriend - I know they'd love to see you all dressed up in your sissy uniform unable to escape their mocking laughter. Maybe you'd prefer to be cuffed to the lamppost outside the club? The one where all the hot popular girls or the gay club - you can choose. You can choose between being humiliated by mean girls outside the straight club or touched up and made to suck cock outside the gay bar. What's it to be sissy - schoolgirl or maid - exgirlfriend or club? It's the only choices you're getting tonight - every other decision is going to be made for you!

Added: 05 Mar 2018
Clip Length: 11m 44s