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Stroke Your Cage Beta - Try To Cum
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How cute and pathetic all at the same time! Your trembling fingers under your pretty sissy panties desperately trying to stroke your cock… but you can't can you loser? You can't feel a thing - not the slightest pleasure at all. You can't feel any pleasure because your poor beta-cock is all locked up in a tiny pink chastity device. Go on loser - I give you permission to jerk off to me. Haha! Kneel in front of the girl of your dreams and jerk off. Stare at my cute ass and my long smooth legs, Drool as you look at my hot body, my perfect tits and my pretty face. Watch me trying oh-so hard not to laugh at the sight of you wearing girlish panties, kneeling like a defeated wimp at my feet while you try to stroke your cock for me. You're going to get nowhere loser. You can't get fully hard in that little cage, you can't feel anything, but mind-fucking frustration and you definitely can't cum. Stoke your cock beta - keep trying because I want to see the desperation swallowing you up. I'm going to give you a countdown in a moment weakling. I'm going to count you down from 10 and if you haven't managed to leak a pitygasm from your cage I'm going to totally fucking humiliate you! What's the matter reject? Doesn't the sight of a too-good-for-you glamour princess in a cute little outfit like this turn you on enough? Do you think a real man would have any problem cumming? Haha! Maybe if you weren't such a beta wimp you wouldn't have to wear a pink chastity device all the time. I guess it's just too bad for you that the closest you'll ever get to fucking hot girls like me is stroking your chastity device.
Jessie Boulevard
22/10/2018 - 14 minutes
forced fem
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CruelGirlfriend - Stroke Your Cage Beta - Try To Cum - #chastity