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That's what I'm gonna make you do - that's the humiliation I want you to suffer right in front of me and my real man tonight cuckold. I want to hear a muffled 'I love you' from your cock-filled mouth. That should be enough to cement your place in this new relationship, don't you think? That should be enough to make my man realise that you are no threat to him. That should be enough to let me see you for what you really are - a cuckold at the very bottom of the pecking order. Enough for you to understand that you will never be man enough for me. I'm going to make you do it cuckold. I'm going to order you to kneel and open your mouth for my real man's cock. You're going to let him push it into your mouth and I'm gonna watch as you hold it there waiting for my command. I'll bring my face to yours and smile at you - just an inch or two away and then I'll ask you what you want to tell me... and then you'll say it - with his cock in your mouth 'I love you'.

How could we not laugh at you for that cuckold? Huh? How could we not find your total submissive shame entertaining? We'll laugh at you - more than ever before. More than when I make you call him 'Sir' and take his coat at the door. More than when I order you to fetch us drinks and serve them to us like the meek cuckold coward you are. I'll make you offer him a foot massage while we make out - on your knees massaging the feet of the man who is gonna fuck your wife while he kisses me, his hands all over me, as we laugh at you cuckold. None of this will amuse us as much as when I tell you to say it - to tell me you love me with his cock in your mouth. I'll tell you to prepare the bedroom and you'll run on ahead to make sure it has everything your cheating wife and her bull will expect. The bed will be made, the pillows plumped, and the condom drawer will be fully stocked. Ready for me and my boyfriend to fuck - right in front of you cuckold because that's what will happen - right after I've put you through the most humiliating 'I love you' moment of your life.

You're going to tell me 'I love you' and it's going to be totally humiliating - especially when I reply with a cute smile, a girlish giggle and a cold, heart-breaking 'I don't care'. Then I'll make you watch him fuck the love of your life. You'll kneel beside the bed with the taste of his cock on your lips and tears in your eyes as he fills me up - right in front of you. You're gonna watch as he fucks me - on our bed. You're gonna listen to me moan with pleasure as you silently suffer through every second of it. You're gonna watch him fuck me - you're gonna watch me suck his cock - you're gonna watch him fill me up with cum. I'll make sure you don't miss a fucking second cuckold - I want you right there to see it all - your cheating wife who made you tell her you love her with her boyfriend's cock in your mouth.

Added: 12 Jul 2021
Clip Length: 11m 29s