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We're not strictly licenced and approved yet but the CruelGirlfriend SpermBank is open for business - and you are one of our first 'customers'. The process is very simple - after the tests you'll be taken to the sperming room by 2 of our beautiful sperm-handling therapists. Your clothes will be removed, and you will be restrained before our sperm handlers use their skilled fingers to tease and edge you for several hours until you're ready to make a pleasurable donation. Of course, our beautiful girls only want real men to tease and edge - beta wimps would receive an entirely different type of treatment altogether.

A beta male attempting to pass themselves off as an Alpha male just to get some attention from our beautiful sperm-handlers, would be relentlessly punished. We believe the punishment should fit the crime - so funnelling cum down the throat of a beta wimp would be perfect don't you agree? Instead of having your cock teased and stroked by 2 beautiful girls until you cum - you'd have your belly filled with the sperm extracted from all the real men that have been here. The truth is - our girls LOVE uncovering a beta male... beta males just like you!

There's no escape for you, beta! I've seen right through your flimsy act and now you're gonna pay! The girls are going to enjoy feeding you real-man cum! You're trapped, tightly restrained and totally helpless. We're going to feed you Alpha spunk until you're ready to burst! We're gonna pour it all over your face and watch you drown in the filthy slime. All you'll be able to do is gulp it down and listen to us all laughing at you! We're really going to make fun of you as we teach you a humiliating lesson you pathetic beta wimp!

Added: 26 Jan 2020
Clip Length: 14m 36s