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The Solution Is Black And White
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Y'know what I noticed about your friends and family honey? It's the total lack of interracial relationships. All your friends have white wives or white girlfriends. All your family have married white partners and have bred pure white family trees. It might not be deliberate but from where I'm sitting it looks like there's some underlying racism going on. I'm going to take it upon myself to put this right. The solution is simple honey - the pure white family tree is going to end with you because I'm going to introduce some black genetics. Tonight I'm going to the club and you're going to help me get ready. I want you to kneel next to me in your little cock cage while you brush my beautiful hair as I apply my makeup. I want to look perfect for tonight cucky. I want my lips to look glossier than ever and I want my eyes to look more seductive than ever before. I want you to pick out a dress for me to wear - short, tight and revealing. I want the key to your chastity device to sit neatly between my cleavage. I want you to put my hot-wife silver chain around my ankle and help buckle the strap of my killer pumps. I want to look so hot for all the big alpha black guys at the club tonight. I want them fighting over me so that I can pick the most suitable to corrupt your bloodline. I'm going to choose the black stud to make your hot wife pregnant tonight. I'll let him fuck me in one of the bathroom stalls, so he can pump is black cum inside me even before we've left the club. Soon there will be an end to your pure white family tree cucky and you will be raising the first black offspring your friends and family have known.
Alexa Brooke
21/12/2018 - 12 minutes
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