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Virgin Cucky Never Gets Lucky
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You've been totally suckered into this relationship haven't you cucky? There you were saving yourself for the right girl and then along I came - little miss perfect. Besides being too hot for someone like you, I laughed at your jokes, got on well with your friends and basically ticked all the boxes that make up the perfect girlfriend. I didn't even make fun of you for still being a virgin - I even told you how nice I thought it was that you were saving it for someone special. It was so cute of you to think that someone special would be me. So fast forward a few months and here you are - your pure, virgin cock locked away in chastity while I cuckold you with all your friends that I get on so, so well with! Has it sunk in to your sexually inexperienced mind that you're going to be my virgin cuckold forever now. You're in a relationship with a total bitch. Little miss perfect never really existed at all fucktard - I used her to trick you into becoming my new toy. You're an experiment - I want to see if I can keep you a virgin forever - while you watch me fuck so many other men. You'll stand back and allow my studs into our home so that your girlfriend can suck their cocks and fuck them right in front of you. Your helpless, locked up cock will be presented to my men for their ridicule and to amuse us. I want you to witness over and over again what you'll never get for the rest of your life - sexual pleasure.
Princess Aurora
27/01/2019 - 13 minutes
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