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That's what I thought - wifey can stay just where she is right Mr Lucky? I left her with some pictures of me on her phone to look at while I'm busy with her husband. She can admire my perfect, younger, better body just like you'll get to. If I want to steal you from her for good I could do just that. I could ruin her whole life forever and I wouldn't even feel bad about it. I'm the ultimate homewrecking bitch and wifeys like yours don't stand a fucking chance. I'm gonna make her regret coming to the club after I'm though with you. She should have stayed at home and played housewife. The club is for girls like me - hot, young, beautiful girls - not flat chested rats like wifey. Now she's going to pay for coming onto my territory - I'm going to fuck her husband and leave her in the toilet cubicles to sob about it like a pathetic little bitch.

Added: 11 Apr 2021
Clip Length: 15m 41s