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So this is the thing loser - it's not a question of whether you think you're straight or not - it's what we want that matters. You're gay for as long as we say so. We don't want you drooling over girls. We don't want you scrolling through the apps looking for girls to date. We don't want you trying to hook up with girls at the club - you're gay until we say otherwise. We're going to have you sucking cock and getting fucked by MEN - not girls until we decide you can be straight again. REAL gay guys love it when girls like us convert another loser like you for them. They love the idea of getting their cocks into a guy who thinks he's straight. They love knowing you're doing it to impress a girl - to amuse her. They love - forced-bi faggots.

So here's what you can do gay-boi. Set yourself up on Grindr with a profile that makes it really clear you're going gay for your Femdom Princesses. Give yourself a suitable name like Gay4Goddess or PimpedPrincess and upload an ultra-submissive profile picture. Locked in chastity, slave collared, butt-plugged, kneeling - you decide but make sure it shows you to be a pathetic beta because we want you to catch the eye of Grindr's Dominant Gay Men! We're going to write the perfect profile bio to help you find the Alpha you deserve. You're gonna describe yourself as a weak, submissive slave to two beautiful Femdom Goddesses - who want to turn you gay for their entertainment. We'll explain how you're looking for a strong dominant man to introduce you to your new life of being used and abused by men - all for our fun!

We think you're going to start enjoying your new gay life as soon as all those studs start showing you some attention. As soon as your inbox begins to fill with messages from men detailing what they'd want to do to you - how they'd help turn you gay for me - you'll start to accept your new gay status. Men will tell you how they plan to use your mouth, how they'd use creative bondage to restrain you so you'd have no choice but to swallow their cocks. They'll send you their fag-training fantasies, how you'll be sodomized, passed around their friends and gang-fucked and given humiliating bukkake facials. You're gonna be bombarded with offers, gay-boi and every single one of them will get a reply from you. And then - we'll choose the first guy you're gonna meet up with.

Added: 24 Jul 2020
Clip Length: 14m 00s