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I love saying 'No' to wimps like you. No you can't sit with me. No you can't buy me dinner. No you can't ask me out on a date. No, No, No loser. I just love how you can't hide your hurt feelings when that little word cuts into your weakling heart. No you're so not my type, no I don't come here often, no I'm not single. Girls like me have been saying NO to you all your life - am I right loser? You must be used to hearing it by now - but I'm gonna take it even further - I'm gonna make you addicted to that little word - addicted to hearing my cute little 'No'. So addicted that you could even cum - just from the sound of my pretty 'No'. Don't think that's possible? It really is loser - stroke your cock for me and I'll prove it - I'll make you jerk all the way to a no-gasm... and when you're so fucking desperate to cum and begging for one pity 'Yes' from me... guess what word you'll get instead?

I know how just what a loser like you would be willing to do to hear a girl like me tell you 'Yes', but that's not gonna happen any time soon, reject. No No No. All you'll be getting from me is a pretty No. You're getting No, nope, nah-ah and no-fucking-way'ed all the way to the edge. Jerk for me you little rejection-virgin. Jerk for your tease-and-denial Princess just so I can tell you no again and again. Jerk yourself until you're desperate - begging me to let you cum - begging me for mercy - begging to do whatever I want just for your chance to make your pathetic yick-puddle. Beg to pay me, beg to suck cock, beg to ruin it - promise me whatever you like loser the answer will be the same every time - No. No I don't care how desperate you are. No I'm not gonna go easy on you. No you're not gonna cum!

No is all you're gonna get - it's all you deserve. You're not the kinda guy that deserves a hot girl like me giving you jerk off instruction. You're not the kind of guy that deserves to be teased by a dream girl and talked over the edge - allowed to blow a satisfying load to my perfect body. No way - you deserve denial. You deserve rejection. You deserve blue-balls. You deserve to be told NO! You deserve to be addicted to my pretty 'No'! Keep jerking loser. Keep edging and drooling, just like you're used to. Keep stroking and begging me - it's not gonna do any good. No matter what, you're only going to be told no. I'm going to say No to you so much - with a sneer, with a cute girly giggle, with a smirk, with my middle finger pushed right into your stupid face until you wanna cum to it. I'm gonna condition you to want to cum to my pretty 'No' loser... so go on, reject. I dare you... ask me if you can cum one more time...

Added: 09 May 2022
Clip Length: 12m 54s