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The moment you realise your life will never be the same again paints such a perfect picture on a sissy's face. The terror, the instant regret for sharing that picture with a complete stranger over the internet is written all over your pretty face. You're speechless as the person you trusted with your most humiliating secrets and your most compromising images reveals herself as a ruthless blackmailer. You're trapped sissy - you're trapped, and you know it. Your blackmailer doesn't care about what their evidence will do to your life, the relationships it will destroy, the damage it will do to your career or social standing. All your blackmailer cares about now is monetizing the sick feeling you have in the pit of your stomach right at this moment. She wants to exploit your terror and turn it into cold hard cash.

Dressing up in your pretty girly outfits and painting your face with makeup for strangers has gotten you into big trouble sissy, but the good news for you is that your blackmailer fully intends to keep you feminized and cock-pleasing strangers for the foreseeable future. Your blackmailer knows everything she needs to know about you - including where you live. She knows what adult bookstore to send you to after work every evening to suck anonymous cock in the back-room gloryhole. She knows where to place adverts to promote the eager new 'gurl' giving full oral service and most importantly, she knows who to expose you to if you ever fail to comply with her demands.

You're going to dress up in your pretty things and put on your makeup and heels - just like you've always done for fun. But instead of hiding behind your screen, you're going to leave the safety of your home every night and work for me at the gloryhole. You'll suck cock for a few hours every night and send your earnings to me. You're helpless to refuse sissy - I have all your secrets at my disposal and unfortunately for you - you mean nothing to me. You're just a way of making money. The shame and humiliation of having to provide sexual services to men in some seedy adult bookstore will be nothing compared to what will happen to you if you refuse to do as I say. If you know what's good for you sissy, you'll thank me for not exposing you already and you'll start getting yourself dolled up for the gloryhole - it's half-price happy-hour tonight.

Added: 23 Aug 2020
Clip Length: 15m 00s