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Cuckold Love Island
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Great news cucky - we've been selected to appear on the next series of Cuckold Love Island! How much fun is this gonna be huh? We get to live in an unbelievable beachside villa on a paradise island for a whole 8 weeks! My hot little body is gonna get such a tan and you'll get to drool over me in cute little bikinis for 2 months! I'm going to be walking around flaunting my incredible beach-body right in front of you and you won't be able to do a thing - because of the Cuckold Love Island rules of course. Cuckolds get locked in chastity and watch helplessly as muscular Alpha studs pick up their girlfriends right under their noses. You have to sit back and watch your paradise dream-girl flirt with all the hunks by the pool - making sure I look hotter than all the other girls on the show. You'll be kept busy though - while me and the other hot girlfriends are relaxing with the studs by the pool the cuckolds have to take care of all the chores around the villa. You'll be tidying up, refilling our cold drinks and generally being good little submissive cuckies for us. Just make sure you keep your mouth shut when you see me rubbing my cut bikini clad body against one of the real men. Remember to say 'Yes Sir' when they boss you around or 'Yes Miss' if one of the bratty girls orders you to do something. Remember your place cuckold - especially when I decide to fuck one of the studs. Remember what your cuckold duties are before, during and after he is fucking your girlfriend. I want to win Cuckold Love Island and that means you're gonna have to be the best cuckold in the villa... and I'm gonna be the biggest slut!
Kiki Daniels
18/02/2019 - 13 minutes
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