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Handhumper To The Girl Who Friendzoned You
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I know you've been into me for, like, forever. Obviously! How could you not? I've got perfect tits and a cute ass. I know you've been crushing on me for so long. But I rejected you. You'll only ever be a ‘friend' to me. You'll never have this. ANY of this. Y'know why, right? Because girls like me need a real men. I need a real, strong man with a big, thick cock to fill me up. An Alpha man, not a beta runt like you. A weak, pathetic wimp like you could only ever dream of fucking girls like me! You're just not a girl-fucking kinda guy though, loser... You're a hand-humping kinda guy! You won't ever get to show a hot girl your fucking ‘skills' but you're gonna get to show me your hand-humping skills alright! So, go on - show me! OMG! Look at how small it is! That's exactly why I friend-zoned you in the first place! Start stroking wimp-dick! Jerk your beta-cock while you think about all the things you wanna do to me. All the things you NEVER will!

My real man would never let me humiliate him like this. He'd put me over his knee and spank me if I told him to hump his hand while I talked trash about him! That's why he's the guy I fuck and you're the wimp I cuck. His big, thick, girl-satisfying cock makes me moan and beg for more. He fills me up, and I SCREAM with pleasure. A wimp like you with a cock like that could never even make a girl moan! The fact that you EVER thought you had a chance with a girl with this perfect body makes me fucking laugh! If it wasn't so funny I'd be insulted! Do you feel inferior cucky? Thinking about the way my real man makes me squeal as he pounds my pussy? The way he fills and takes care of my every need? All you can ever do is dream about it. Keep dreaming loser because all you're getting is your fucking hand!

I'm gonna tell my real man all about this. I'm gonna tell him about the friend-zoned wimp I bully and humiliate! How I put you on your knees, jerking off while you dream of fucking me. Maybe I should bring him round huh? Then you can watch him fuck me while you hump your hand at the end of the bed. He'll come over and shoot his load in the girl you wish you could have. Again and again. And all you'll do is watch like a defeated little cuck. You'll just have to sit there, embarrassed, watching a real man make me orgasm over and over. Then, when he's finally done with your dream-girl, we'll laugh right at you as we supervise your hand-humping runner's up prize. HAHA! Maybe he'll slap his pussy-soaked cock right across your face! That'll be as close as you ever get to my pussy loser! Then maybe he'll fuck me some more, while you cream your fist in the corner!

Added: 05-03-2021
Clip Length: 14m 30s
Cuckolding Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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