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My Sex-life is Cheating Your's Is Beating
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Morning cucky. Was it lonely in our big bed all by yourself last night? Where was I? Where do you think I was? Getting totally fucking satisfied by a real man, obviously. What do you expect me to do - with a bedroom failure like you as a boyfriend? Surly you don't expect a girl like me to just lie there, while you struggle to perform and cum after 10 seconds? That's not enough for any woman, let alone a girl as hot as I am. No cucky, I need a big, strong man with a big hard cock who knows what the fuck he's doing. I need an Alpha stud in the bedroom - not a wimp. A beta like you is only good for one thing; humiliating! And the best way to humiliate an inferior failure of a boyfriend like you is by making you listen to me, while I tell you EVERYTHING 'he' did to me last night!

He took me out to dinner and then a club - the kinda places that wouldn't even let rejects like you in. I looked so fucking good on his arm, cucky - in that short date-night dress and the heels - everyone was complimenting him for having such a hot girlfriend. My pussy was wet the entire time - knowing he was gonna get to fuck your little princess. And he knew exactly what he wanted too cucky. His hand crept up my leg, and grabbed my perfect ass. His hands were all over me - right in the club in front of everyone! I had to stop myself from moaning with pleasure. When was the last time you made me moan, failure-boi? Never! You've never ever made me moan, reject. Let alone orgasm... but he did... he made your little princess cum so many times last night...

So he takes me back to his place, and within seconds he lifts me up against the wall. He's much stronger than you from his muscular arms, his rippling abs, to his bulging cock! Then, he threw me on the bed and pulled my dress up. I was on all fours, arching my back, practically begging for him to fuck me. He grabbed my hair, ripped off the cute panties you had bought me for v-day, and thrust his thick, girlfriend-stealing cock right inside me. He pounded me for hours, cucky! I came so many times I lost count. He took care of the job you'd never be man enough for - totally fucking satisfying your girlfriend. A real man like him can go all night and he didn't stop until I couldn't take any more! I was so full of his cum I could hardly keep it inside! And I didn't sleep at all, not one bit. He just kept fucking me and fucking me all night long. The only reason I didn't stay another night was because I couldn't wait to come home to rub your cuckold face with every crushing detail!

Added: 18-04-2021
Clip Length: 13m 34s
Cuckolding Jerk Off Instruction Humiliation

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