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Wimps Can't Cum Without Humiliation
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Y'know what always amuses me? It's finding out just how much humiliation a wimp like you will take for a girl like me. I wonder...How much humiliation do you think you'll take for me? How much verbal degradation would you soak up for your Princess, you little weakling? Do you think you'd be able to take it if I turned the humili-dial up to eleven for you? Could you take that for a girl as hot as me? I know you'd take it... It's not like you have a choice is it?.. because wimps like you can't cum without a severe dose of humiliation. It's pathetic but it's true, isn't it? You cant reach orgasm without being subjected to bratty insults from hot popular girls like me. You need to be hurt with my words don't you, loser? You need to be belittled and mocked - it's the only way you can cum. That's how fucking pathetic you are. Pretty girls calling you names - laughing at your embarrassment - enjoying your pain - that's what you cum to. That's the fucking truth - that's what you need to jerk off to, isn't it you little freak?

Hot girls with big tits, perfect asses and beautiful gym-toned bodies aren't enough for you... you need us to make you feel rejected. You need us to make you feel like dirt - worthless. And that's just fucking fine with me loser because that's exactly what you are to me - you're a nobody. You're just a wimp that popular girls like me use and bully. You're just a fucking loser. So jerk to that loser. Jerk to being made to hand over your credit-card for me to go shopping with - hitting the mall to pick up the hottest lingerie sets and the cutest dresses and coming home with my nails manicured and my hair styled, knowing that you have ZERO hope of ever getting anything out of me - no blowjob, no freshly pedicured foot-job... not even a fucking thank you for all the cash you spent. Jerk to taking me out on an expensive date - maybe dinner at a glamourous restaurant followed by a VIP table at a celebrity nightclub knowing that at the first fucking opportunity I'll flirt with a real man and leave you to go home with him instead. I'll send you home to hand-wash my panties while I let another guy do all the things to me you could only fucking dream of doing.

You need more, don't-cha loser? You need more shame - more embarrassment - more humiliation to cum. You need more hurtful words from your snarky, unsympathetic humili-porn princess. You need to be bullied more - treated with even more contempt - even more disrespect - even more cruelty. Yeah you do - you need the worst humiliation, pig, you need the to jerk to being ordered down on your knees to lick the soles of my shoes in public. Jerk to being ordered to clean up the used condoms left on the floor of my bedroom from my dates with other men. Jerk to thought of being used as my toilet bowl - shared with my girlfriends. Jerk to being smacked across your stupid, ugly face in front of a whole bunch of hot popular girls in the club - my drink poured over your head as they laugh at you. Jerk to being dressed up as a sissy whore and send out to sell your fuck-holes on the street - gulping down stranger's cumloads to bring home your blowjob money to me. Jerk to being spat on - used as an ashtray - used as a doormat. Keep jerking to all the ways girls like me wanna humiliate you loser because it's the only way wimps like you can cum.

Added: 24-05-2024
Clip Length: 17m 17s
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