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Beg To Fuck Girls While I Call You A Faggot
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As if! You're fucking deluded. Really you are. Like you have ANY chance... seriously? You wanna fuck girls? Haha... Mr Pussy-free-virgin wants to fuck girls... hot girls like me? Yeah, right. You say you want to fuck girls - but all I see when I look at you is a FAGGOT. All I see is a pathetic, girl-rejected FAGGOT. Uh-huh - all girls do - we all look at you and see a gay-boi - someone we could make suck cocks in a fucking heartbeat. Deny it all you like - protest and argue as much as you want - I know you'd suck cock for me - I could have your head bobbing up and down on my boyfriend's cock so fucking easily... I could have you licking his balls, teasing the head of his big hard dick, lapping your way up and down his shaft as I watch and laugh with every humiliating moan of pleasure you give him - and that would make you a faggot. I know you'd do that, gay-boi. I know you would and y'know how I know?.. because look where your hand is right now... you're touching your boner... you're literally touching your own stiffie as I tell you what I'd make you do to my boyfriend's cock... that's how I know you'd go gay for me, faggot.

You can try to convince me I'm wrong all you like faggot - in fact go right ahead - beg to fuck girls while you jerk off. Let me hear you humiliate yourself like that ''Please Miss Jamie... please let me fuck a girl'' ... ''Please don't let me go gay for you'' ... beg for girls you little bitch - beg as I call you a FAGGOT. Stroke your cock as you beg me for permission to fuck a girl and I'll remind you of the reason you won't ever get to fuck a girl again - because you're a faggot. You don't get to fuck girls because you're a faggot... The reason you won't ever get to fuck a girl is because your gay and gays suck cock. So beg me again, faggot - beg for girls as I call you a faggot. Beg for girls as you stroke. Plead me you fucking cock-sucker - beg me to let you fuck girls as I tell you what you really are - a faggot who would get down on his knees and open his mouth for my boyfriend's cock if I just SNAPPED my finger and told you to. Uh-huh - begging me to fuck girls isn't gonna change anything, faggot - you're gay and when you cum from being told just how gay you'd be for me - that will PROVE it, won't it, faggot, huh?

I know you're edging already - I know your boner is already desperate to spit out some faggot-slime... so why not just give up now? Why put yourself through the humiliation, huh? Begging me to let you fuck girls while I laugh at you and mock you and tell you that it's not girls you want - it's cock... why not face up to the inevitable - that at any moment you're gonna cum - while I'm calling you a faggot. While I'm describing how my boyfriend's cock is using you - filling your throat with his whole length - making you suck him - making you serve his cock... Are you listening, gay-boi? Are you listening to how gay you'll go for me?... As you edge, as you stroke? Beg for girls, faggot - I wanna here you begging to fuck girls as I explain how you'll make my real man moan with ecstasy and dump a cumload into your mouth - how I'll make you hold it there and contemplate what you just did to him - how you made a man cum in your fucking mouth for me. Go on - beg to fuck a girl - just like I'll make you beg to swallow his cum, faggot!

Added: 20-11-2023
Clip Length: 17m 37s
Bi Humiliation Rejection Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction

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