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You'll Identify As Whatever I Say So
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What makes you think you should get to decide your own sexual identity? You lost that right when you clicked 'Purchase Now' on this clip... and all the other humili-porn clips you've purchased, downloaded, watched, jerked off to and slimed your pervert fist to. No loser - that choice is mine - I decide your sexual identity. I decide the sexuality you enter into the 'other' box on forms and on dating apps and include in your social media bio. I'll decide for you, because you're not qualified to make that decision - you're too pathetic, too weak, too beta! I'll help you realise your sexual identity and choose one for you - or I'll pick a few for you to choose from... sexualities you didn't even realise existed... so don't get too excited, fucktard, because 'Hetero-sexual' is definitely not gonna be one of your choices.

Your choices are a beta-sexual, a simply-sexual or humili-porno-sexual. I know - they all sound kinda similar, right?... but there are differences, and you'd better know about them before committing your whole life to one of them. A beta-sexual is only permitted sexual pleasure from the beta-zone or from heavily censored visual stimulation. What this means is you don't get to jerk off to girls like normal guys. You don't get to fuck girls like real-men do. All you get is blurred out images of girls you don't deserve, or... if you're super lucky... an uncensored image of your Princess's feet. Blurred beta-safe girls or beta-zone feet - that's all a beta-sexual gets... Does that sound good to you loser? I think it sounds perfect but don't decide yet - there's still 2 other options to consider.

The simply-sexual stays locked in chastity and drools over too-good-for-you girls he'll never get to fuck. The simp pays Findom Princesses so that they can afford to look extra hot to both tease even more money out of simpy, and for their real-man boyfriends. Just like beta-sexuals, simps are pussy-free for life. They'll worship pretty girls and dream of what it would be like to be with one - but that's as far as it's ever gonna go. Simply-sexuals never get pussy - never ever. Or maybe you're better off as a humili-porno-sexual? Never having sex with girls, never jerking off to anything other than humiliation-porn. Never cumming unless it's to being bullied and degraded by hot bratty Femdom princesses... I mean if you're watching this clip, you're already half way there don't you think loser? So, which one is it gonna be huh?

Added: 15-04-2022
Clip Length: 13m 02s
Humiliation Chastity Rejection

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