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Dump Her Or I'll Do It For You
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Did I just hear you correctly? Blackmailing little bitch? Is that what you just called me? I should expose you just for that little outburst alone. I should tell everyone all about what I've done to you - how I made you lick the soles of my shoes - how I made you wear my panties - how I made you suck my boyfriend's cock... even better I should show them the photos and the videos? Do you think your girlfriend would be okay with the love of her life snivelling at a pretty girl's feet, getting bullied and humiliated by a girl half her age and twice as hot? Do you think your fam would be chill about you doing gay things to my boyfriend's cock? I think they'd be fucking disgusted - which is why. blackmailing little bitch or not, you're gonna continue to do everything I say!

And just for your display of disrespect I'm gonna make today's blackmail-assignment extra-spiteful for you - dump her! Dump your fucking girlfriend you little wimp or I'll expose you. I'm not even kidding - you have a choice right now but if you don't do as I say you'll lose more than just your girlfriend - dump her. Do it now - I want you to call her and tell her you think she's ugly or fat or ugly AND fat and dump her - do it you fucking pig. Dump her right in front of me so she can hear me laughing as she cries her fucking heart out. Call her loser or believe me - I'll ruin your life - I'll fucking destroy you with everything I have on you - the pictures the videos the text messages - the receipts - the DNA evidence soaked into my favourite emasculation panties - call that basic bitch right now and dump her of so help me I'll do it myself!

Final chance or I'm going to send everything I have on you to your boss, your family, your friends and of course 'her'... You're gonna lose her anyway so you might as well just dump her now and get it over with - if I have to do it I'll be SO much meaner, loser. I'll make that fucking bitch cry - I'll make her feel so bad about herself she'll never look in the mirror again. Do you want me to do that? Do you - so dump her - dump her loser. She deserves better than you anyway - she deserves a man who doesn't submit to bratty blackmail Princesses like me. She deserves a man who doesn't enjoy getting spat on and humiliated and made to suck cock. She deserves better, loser, so do it now - call her and dump her - don't make me tell you again!

Added: 11-09-2023
Clip Length: 15m 24s
Home Wrecker Humiliation

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