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Pre-jac Training - Jerk To Feet
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Y'know what's even more hilarious than small dicked betas?.. It's pre-jac betas. The sexual failures that can't even get their pathetic runt-cocks out of their pants before making a cummy mess. The kind of weakling so intimidated by girls that the mere thought of actually losing your virginity to one of us is enough to make you pity-puddle in your panties. The best thing about you pre-jac wimps is that it keeps you totally pussy free - your own body is self-rejecting you from what you dream of the most. Sex with girls. I know you're the kind of loser that wouldn't last 5 minutes with a girl like me - a minuteman maybe? You're a pre-jac disappointment - but here's the thing - you can be trained to be even worse! You can be trained to cum in much less than a minute - as difficult as it is to believe - you really can learn to become even more of a sexual failure than you already are.

All it takes is to train you to cum to the kind of things betas deserve - y'know like fully clothed girls, censored porn and FEET! It totally works, runt-dick. Over-sensitising you to non-sexual things like our middle fingers or our wiggly toes will make even the slightest glimpse of our big tits, our perfect asses or our cute pussies so overwhelming - you'll prejac faster than ever. Eyes down beta - I want you to start stroking as I untie my shoe - jerking to my sock - pumping your failure-dick to my toes and my soles - like the sexual reject you are - relegated to the beta-zone because you're such a fucking loser - demoted to feet and made to drool over my pretty arch - uh-oh pre-jacker is gonna cum already ... you want to cum so soon you little creamer? huh? Do you need to cum already you pathetic fucking disappointment?

I'm gonna make sure you never fuck a girl ever again - you're gonna be a pre-jacker for life - cumming in your pants every time you catch a glimpse of side-boob, a glance of cleavage, a flash of ass. I'm gonna train you to make a beta-mess every time a girl looks you in the eye, twizzles her hair, giggles or so much as passes you by and sends a faint whiff of her perfume in your direction... and it all starts right now by making you to cum to my soles and toes. By the time I'm done with you - you'll be too afraid to go anywhere near a pretty girl for risk of her seeing that ick-stain wet-spot soaking through your trousers. You'll stay at home jerking off to photos of feet and sliming into your hand just like you've been trained to do.

Added: 17-04-2023
Clip Length: 14m 55s
Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction

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