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Don't Ask Me - Ask Him
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There's no point asking me, cucky - you know I can't help myself. If you want him to stop fucking your little Princess, you're gonna have to ask him yourself. I mean it's not as if you haven't had enough opportunities already. Like, when he came over last night and I made you answer the door - you could have asked him not to fuck me couldn't you? But instead you took his jacket and showed him in and called him Sir. Why didn't you ask him not to fuck me huh, cuckold? Were you afraid, you little cucky-coward? Does my boyfriend intimidate you? Is it because he's bigger than you? Stronger than you? The way he knows exactly how to bully you into your place? Is it because he'd just make you look even more pathetic in front of me for asking? He'd humiliate you - right in the hall of your own home in front of your hot, cheating girlfriend. Is that why you didn't ask him not to fuck me?

Of course I'd laugh, cuckold. Of course I would - it'll be so funny. My so called 'soulmate' asking another man not to fuck me. That's gonna be so embarrassing for you - seeing me holding back my giggles as you try to reason with him - telling him how much you love me, how much I mean to you, how you want me all to yourself. My real man looking down at you as you grovel like a submissive little bitch. Calling him Sir, nervously avoiding all eye-contact, stuttering and trembling hoping he'll take some pity on you and leave your hot girl alone... but that's not gonna happen is it cuckold. I mean - who's gonna turn down the opportunity to fuck me? Especially as I'm gonna be right there - in my hottest lingerie, my bedroom-heels, twizzling my hair and pouting my glossy lips - totally ready to give him all the real-man treats he deserves. Do you really think he'd walk away - and leave me to a wimp like you? No cuckold - he's not.

I think you need to understand your status in this relationship cuckold. I think you need to learn that there's nothing you can do or say that's gonna stop him doing whatever he wants with me. So whilst you're down on your knees, begging my real-man not to fuck me - I'm going to be doing exactly the opposite. Every time you say something pathetic like, ''Please don't fuck her, Sir.'', I'll say ''Please fuck me - please fuck me right in front of this little wimp.'' Uh-huh - I can already picture that dumb, hurt look on your face already - knowing he's never gonna listen to you. You'll plead something like ''Please Sir, I LOVE her so much...'' and then I'll cancel it out with something extra-cruel like ''That little cuckold wimp means nothing to me.'' You'll have no hope cuckold - he's gonna fuck me - he's gonna fuck me right in front of you this time because you need to see it - you need to realise that he's going to be the man that fucks me from now on and you don't.

Added: 13-05-2024
Clip Length: 17m 10s
Cuckolding Humiliation

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