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Real men buy condoms to have sex with women but that's not what you do, is it cuckie? No, you buy condoms for your girlfriend's Alpha male, so he can fuck me while you're cowering in the closet, listening, wishing it was you who got to put your pitiful little pee-pee into my pussy! There's really no point in a small cock loser like you buying condoms for yourself - unless of course it's for your dose of SPH! Today, I want you to go out and buy condoms for yourself. I want you to buy ten packs of condoms, from ten different stores - and in each store I want you to ask the hottest female sales assistant if they have a smaller size because the regular condoms are far too big for you. Haha! So funny! You're going to go from store to store, looking into the eyes of pretty sales girls and telling them that regular size condoms are WAY too big for your teeny-tiny penis! If they ask you what size you need, you tell them you'd like them "extra small"! Hahaha! OMG can you imagine the gossip this little adventure of yours will start? You're going to be the talk of the town sissy-dick! Soon everyone will know what a little dick weakling you are! You just know that once you're out of the store, they'll be giggling with their co-workers and texting their friends about the itty-bitty sissy who can't even fit in a regular size condom! If you do a good job and come home with ten packs of extra small condoms, then I'll let you cum into one of them, and then I'll make you lick out your icky cummies while I watch and laugh!
Tiger Lily
10/02/2019 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Extra Small For Cuckie - #SPH