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Friendzoned Or Ignorezoned
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How's it feel in the friendzone loser? Everyone else around you is getting laid with hot girls while you just find yourself in every girl's friendzone. We just don't see you as fuck material like other guys. As soon as a girl gets the slightest idea that you're interested in her she shuts you down and friendzones you. That must totally suck - there you are drooling over some too-good-for you princess and she's telling you how hot the guy at the gym is. You have to sit back and listen to your crush talk about all the guys she's interested in - and how they all sound the total opposite to you. You should probably consider this training for when you're a real cuckold. That's right loser - friendzoned guys like you turn out to be cuckolds in the end. I mean you're basically one now. I friendzoned you and all my girlfriends friendzoned you and we all treat you like a wife treats her cuckold. We make you help us hook up with other guys, you buy us things when we tell you to, we take your money and treat you like dirt - and then you sit back and watch as some other guy fucks your crush. It's pathetic really but I guess it's better to be in a hot girl's friendzone than in her ignorezone though huh? If you kept trying to ask me out on a date or continued to flirt with me, I'd be so grossed out - you'd totally end up in the ignorezone and where does that leave your cuckold training haha? Suck it up loser, make yourself useful, take our verbal abuse and humiliation and know your place in the pecking order - and maybe you'll keep yourself out of our ignore zone.
Princess Aurora
17/02/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Friendzoned Or Ignorezoned - #Friendzoned