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The meaner I am to you - the hotter I am for my boyfriend. It literally gives me such a thrill to humiliate you knowing that when I'm done belittling you and making you beg and cry and feel like such a failure, I'm going to have the best sex ever with my real man. So just think about that as I'm tormenting you loser. Just understand that after you've suffered all my vicious insults and completed all the embarrassing assignments, I'm going to leave you right here with your shame so I can give another man the exact opposite to what I've given you. You'll get panty jerk-off humiliation and he'll get a nice wet blowjob. You'll get your little pee-pee caged in chastity and he'll feel my warm mouth sucking on his big balls. You'll get laughed at and made fun of and he'll have me riding his big cock all night. And it'll be extra special for both of us knowing that you were humiliated so bad to make me so horny for him.

You want me to have a good time don't you loser? You want me to be happy right? And you know that having long, hard sex with a real man makes me so happy don't you? So you'll take the humiliation for me - because I want to be super-hot just for him tonight. You'll wear the emasculation panties I tell you to, you'll wear the butt-plug and piggie nose and oink for me to make me want to fuck my man so good. You'll suffer in chastity and hear me mock your inferior dick and clean my apartment with a feather duster in a satin maid's uniform - because the more it humiliates you - the better I'm going to fuck him. He's going to get EVERYTHING tonight loser because I'm planning on humiliating you so much. I want to DESTROY you with humiliation. I want you to feel so ashamed and embarrassed you'll be too afraid to look me in the eye.

I wonder if you being humiliated by me would excite my real man as much as it excites me? Maybe if I humiliated you right in front of him - he'd fuck me even harder. I'm going to humiliate you before, during and after I fuck my real man tonight just to find out if he loves it as much as I do. I'm going to put you in panties and a plug and I'll humiliate you right in front of my man. I'll make fun of your tiny pantied penis and emasculate you in front of him right before he fucks me. And while he's fucking me - you can worship my goddess feet. I'll humiliate you as you plant little kisses on my feet while my boyfriend fucks me so hard and we'll feed off your total humiliation. The more shame you soak up for us the better our sex will be. That's your job loser - take the humiliation to make your Alphas fuck even more of a thrill. We want to break you with shame before we have the best orgasms ever!

Added: 20 Sep 2020
Clip Length: 15m 22s