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I Will Whore You
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Are you ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for me sissy? Are you sure? Do you understand that once you become a whore for me there is no turning back - you are my whore until I decide otherwise. Are you sure you are ready to abandon your sexuality for me. You will, after all, be sold to men - to satisfy their sexual desires. Whether you consider yourself straight or otherwise is of no concern here - your body will be nothing more than a commodity. You will be made to suck cocks - real cocks. You will be fucked, cummed on and humiliated by clients who do not care about whether or not you're enjoying what they do to you. I will profit from every degrading moment you are subjected to and I will continue to profit until I decide to replace you with a new whore. What remains of your masculinity will be locked away in chastity - removing your sexual pleasure will force you to focus on the sexual pleasure of the men who have paid to use you. Is this what you want sissy? To be pimped by me to strangers so that I can get richer and richer with every cock you are made to take? Dressed up in whatever girly clothes your clients tell you to wear for them. If you're genuinely ready to become a whore for me you will follow the link at the end of this clip and complete the whore application form. If your complete it fully and accurately we will whore you out for profit. Be brave sissies - this is your destiny - you were put here to be used by others and completing the whore application form will bring you one step closer to earning serious money for your Alpha Goddess.
Princess Aurora
09/11/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - I Will Whore You - #bihumiliation