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I didn't invite you back here to fuck you loser, haha! Fuck no, I brought you here to punish you and remind you of the insignificant little fucktard you truly are! Punished for approaching and for even looking at hot girls like me! I have a big silicone dildo just for punishing little runts like you. It's huge and just like a real man's dick looks like. And because beta males like you need to submit to alpha males you are going to show my silicone dick the respect it deserves. I'm gonna make you kiss it, lick it, suck it and treat it like your true superior.

And if I think for one second you're not showing that cock enough submission and respect... well let's just say you will be in for a nasty little shock. I'm going to fit a powerful shock collar around your neck to keep your mind focussed on worshipping that big dick. If you're not licking, sucking and kissing that cock and making all the right moans of pleasure at the same time... I'll zap the fuck out of you. So let me see you beg for my cock, faggot. Beg like the fucking beta-reject you are. I want you gagging with your eyes watering as you take every inch deep down your throat. I want to see LOTS of effort and make sure you are enjoying it otherwise I'm gonna shock the fuck out of you. You will learn to love cock. As that is all you will be getting from now on. Faggot.

Added: 26 Apr 2020
Clip Length: 14m 46s